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GJ Leadership Academy

Welcome to the GJ Leadership Academy website! 

We are excited that you are here to learn more about our school and how we can be a part of your family’s educational journey!

About Us

GJ Leadership Academy would like to join with you and your child to develop a life-long love of learning. 

Together we can create the leaders of tomorrow, build strong character, encourage independent and critical thinking, and bring out the genius in every child.

When you choose GJLA, you choose an extraordinary experience for your child and your family. Our curriculum is rooted in the Thomas Jefferson philosophy, mixed with Montessori, but includes so much more! 

Our teaching methods, which encourage open discussion critical thinking combined with strong family values, work together to create a rich and stimulating educational environment where children thrive!

Our Mission

We are an independent educational environment empowering students to find their own genius and use their knowledge and love of learning to become leaders.

The GJLA Difference

Classroom Age Groupings
Three year age range per class
One age per class
 How Assessment Takes Place
Teachers continually observe and assess each student and adjust lessons and materials accordingly
Benchmarks, summative assessments, and testing are done
 Time Limits for Completing Work
Child works until chosen project is completed
Children have specific time limit for work
 Method and environment encourage and develop self- discipline
Teacher is the primary enforcer of external discipline
 Who Does the Teaching
Children are encouraged to take charge of their own education, and mentor, collaborate, and help one another
Teaching is done by the teacher
 Learning Materials
Abundance of hands-on materials that foster self-direction and inquiry
Use of textbooks and worksheets that state facts

 Work Area
Classrooms are set up with a variety of work area options, including tables, mats, and floor space
Students work at assigned or chosen desks or tables
 How Groups Occur
Groups are developed by interest and motivation
Grouping is by ability and age

 Time Length for Work/Class
Three hours of uninterrupted work time
Subjects fit into a set schedule

 Subject Integration / Separation
Integration of subjects during work time
Subjects presented and learned separately
 Core Values
Core values taught at home are reinforced through lessons learned from the classics and historical mentors
Core values are expected to be taught at home
 How Learning Takes Place
 Emphasis on problem solving and critical thinking
 Emphasis on verbal communication

Faculty and Staff


Stephanie McGuire – Founder


Britni Cruz-DoddOffice Manager


Johna Chavez- Teacher

Eileen Davis- Teacher

                             Alyssa Duran-Teacher

Elisia Espino- Aide

Luz Vasquez Teacher

Luz Weeks-Teacher

Miranda Yeates- Teacher


Good Words

Testimonials coming soon

Visit Us Today

If you are interested in a tour of our Grand Junction, Colorado facilities or want to learn more about our program, contact us today.